London Model Railway Group, Inc.
London, Ontario

O Scale modelling for over Seventy Five years.   2018 Update. The building has been sold. Await further updates.

Renovations are currently in progress to enhance the public viewing and operation of the extensive Lake Erie and International Railway operations on our large 1:48 scale model railway.

Renovations. Wood, wire and engineering


The L.E.&I. serves the towns and industries of South Western Ontario between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, connecting with other major railways of the region. Canadian Pacific, Canadian National, Chesapeake & Ohio and its constituent companies. 

Many famous Locomotives and colour schemes of the present and past may be seen running on the metals of the L.E.&I.


Here we see a view across the layout

The real world in miniature


This extensive model layout has been in its current location for 30 years. Founded in 1935 by London enthusiasts in a downtown storage space.  The chance to move to larger horizons was taken in the 1960's.  The layout in its present state represents the dedicated hours of modelling skills of many current and past members.


London's CPR station is portrayed by this large model. It is over four feet long.

"Taxi!" Travel at CPR London. 1958?


As with all model railroads, change and modification are an ongoing feature of the landscape. A model railway is never finished. In a club setting this is part of the fun. Classic model buildings bear testimony to a past members attention to detail and abilities to build from scratch. Alongside, the railway is evolving to reflect the move towards larger and more modern railway equipment.


Plants' Poultry is shown in this view. It is to be relocated.

Farm Feed Supplies and nostalgia


Not all that appears on the layout is sober and mechanical. Humour of many types can be found all over the layout from members names on appropriate (?) businesses and vehicles to the sun worshippers on a discrete balcony. "and then he said I know what you do on that balcony.. Well!"


Come and see our layout operating. Join in the fun on a Tuesday evening, once a month.

Join our Club. Members needed to complete this scene. Associate members participate from as far away as Chicago. Members are continuously improving the layout. 

To the bare walls to start again.

Come and see MODEL RAILROADING at its best!!

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