PDO Exploration Topographical Land Rovers 1982

Tyre change. The last of 6 available - 200km to a replacement.

In the harsh deserts of Oman, a Land Rover was old in six months.

It's not always flat on top! Aerial Control on the Jiddat al Harasis

In town - Nizwa  Observations  7507 on the road to Habab

       April 1982 - Petroleum Development Oman Exploration Topographical. 
Responsible for oil exploration survey control throughout the Sultanate of Oman. Most of the action during the summer of 1982 was based in Marmul in Dhofar province. However surveys were conducted in all areas south west of the coastal Mountains.

Each vehicle carried two spare tyres, steel sand ladders, had built in water tanks, a supply of survey markers and cement for mixing concrete from the ubiquitous surface gravel. Radios were carried capable of transmission throughout Oman. Each vehicle had its identification number painted in black on white surrounded by red on the tropical roof in case of an aerial search. In a quarter of a million square kilometres of the Jiddat al Harasis and Rub al Khali - The Empty Quarter, there was some comfort in knowing that you might be found! No other vehicle was as reliable under such conditions as the Land Rover, proven over many years in the harsh environment of Oman, and the vehicles made it to camp every time. The Best 4x4xOman.

Sunrise on the road from Fahud Dune in the Rub al Khali

Wadi. There are some trees!

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