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Regular Broughdale Hobby visitor John Harriot from Australia shared this image with us.
 " I thought you may appreciate a picture of my lastest AusTrak module and VR branchline goods train headed by a VR K class steam loco (MicroAce 2-8-0 mech).   "Good on ya mate" That is some real model engineering!


Thai death railway built during World War 2nd at the dangerous curve at Kanchanaburi Thailand.

Broughdale customer Geoff Chandler recently had an opportunity to ride on the infamous "Death Railway" in Thailand. Built by Prisoners of War for the Japanese during WW2. His description and the post card publishers caption say it all.

"It is very hot indeed. It's winter too. I went on this today. Really nerve wracking for this part of the journey. One hopes the maintenance men have done their their stuff. Our train was locomotive hauled."

Note:- 7 of 10 deaths on this slave labour built line were Asian workers and their families. Effectively creating Japan's equivalent of the Holocaust. Brutal conditions and starvation were a hallmark of the line for which few responsible faced penalties.

photo copyright Menno Meijer 2002 used with permission.

Hey Richard,

here's a little machine hauling goods through Mogilev 
region of Belarus by a village called Garbovichy near
Chausy. almost all the rail here is electric with the
exception of these local branch lines. This is the
most common of the Belarusian state railway's

Have a happy Canada Day and see you soon.


Based on the influence of American Lend/Lease Alco RS1's copied by the Soviets as the TE1-20 the locomotive shown here is an even more powerful switcher for mainline use built in Czechoslovakia to a requirement from the Soviet Ministry of Ways and Communications. This is the ChME3 or 'Chmushka' of which 7,454 were built between 1964 and the early 1990's.  ChME3-6755 (4M33-6755) shown here near Garbovichy in Belarus appears to have the rheostatic braking vent on the short hood. (For more on Russian Locomotives see Continental Modeller July 2002)

Eureka Railroad in England

O scale customer John Loynes has built these locomotives from kits and parts supplied by Broughdale Hobby. The Eureka Railroad is set on the Canada-US border. 

1. "Weaver RS3 now painted and 'Canadianised' - supplied by Broughdale"
2. "Scratchbuilt Northern Pacific 4-6-0 S4 #1352 using some PSC parts previously supplied by you"

More of John's models. 1 2 3 4
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