Sylvan N Vehicles

HO Vehicles

Hollow cast, One piece Bodies
"Poseable" Black Rubber Tires
Vacuum Formed Window Glazing
Etched Stainless Mirrors and Grabs Included with Big Rigs 

VN-001 1948-53 COE Tractor $9.49
VN-004 1940-58 White Super Power Tractor  $9.49
VN-006 1948-53 COE Long Wheelbase $9.49
VN-014  1940-58 White Super Power with Tank Body  $11.99
   VN-017 1940-58 White Super Power with Stake Body   $11.99
VN-019 1948-53 COE with Stake Body   $11.99
  VN-021 1940-58 White Super Power Long Wheelbase   $9.49
VN-031 1948-53 Railway Express Agency Delivery Truck  $9.99
TN-002 1954 26' Fruehauf Dura Van Pennsylvania RR Piggyback Trailer (circa 1954)  

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